Originally commissioned and performed by the San Francisco-based duet company RAWDance in 2016 for a concert of fourteen 5- minute works by fourteen different California choreographers, Enough?- a work as concise as it is powerful- extends David Roussève’s investigation of the intersection of choreography and social activism.  In June 2018 Roussève reworked the piece for Los Angeles’ Lula Washington Dance Theater for an evening performed at the Ford Amphitheatre that included works by Roussève, Kyle Abraham, Rennie Harris, Lula Washington, and Tamika Washington.

Enough? combines projected video text (written by Roussève and created by video artist Cari Ann Shim Sham), sumptuous Aretha Franklin music of the 60’s, and a single lush kinetic phrase that is repeated faster and faster until it becomes a jagged cauldron of emotional energy; all to ask whether dance as an art form can even begin to address pressing social movements like Black Lives Matter.